Webinar: Coping With Staff Turnover In Your Swim School or Leisure Centre By Documenting Your Operational Processes 

Wednesday, 26th June, 2013 – 1pm 

Presented by Jacqui Jones from Keyword Intent

The continual cycle of staff leaving and the recruitment of new team members is part of the day to day running of your swim school or leisure centre.

However, this places a strain on management to recruit the right people, with the right skills and certifications, whilst adhering to rules and regulations and maintaining the smooth operations of your centre.

This webinar session will teach you how to create a learning program by using your own operational practices to bring new employees up to speed faster and to ensure current team members are maintaining standards.

This is what you will learn:

  • The costly problem of staff turnover
  • The crucial role of your swim school or leisure centre Operations Manual (covering all aspects of your operations from administration, life guarding and supervision, dealing with over-crowding and disorderly behaviour, major incidents to pool maintenance and safety and more)
  • How to document your operational processes
  • The Four Step Leadership and Training Process to cope with staff turnover and improve team retention
  • How to monitor your team’s ability to implement your centre operations
  • The Big Payoff – how your swim school or leisure centre will benefit

About Jacqui Jones:

Jacqui Jones is the Managing Director of Keyword Intent based in Brisbane. With a strong focus on Internet technologies and systems, she has co-invented Way We Do, an online solution for businesses and organisations to document and maintain their policies, procedures and work instructions.  She also consults with business owners to create successful web-based products and build online businesses.

Jacqui’s career highlights include running the Digital Media department at Yellow Pages in New Zealand, creating the SEO consulting practice arm at Netconcepts and consulting with a range of Fortune 500 and Retailer 200 companies in the US as well as businesses in the UK, NZ and Australia.  She also regularly provides web marketing training to business owners at the National College of Business in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

All attendees will be provided with access to a number of free or trial resources  and informed how they can qualify for a $5,000 business development grant through ALFAQ’s Business Support Unit and the Business Sustainability Institute.

This 45 minute webinar will be held on Wednesday 26th June at 1:00 pm. To register your interest, enter you details below. A follow up email with all the details will be then sent to you.

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